About Me

My Journey

Aftecore-phoro-3r spending my childhood as the fifth child in a family of nine, the role of caregiver was bestowed on me. This led me to a career that I knew would help provide for my family. As a Programmer and System Analysis. I gained valuable analytic skills, which compliment my Core Energetic practice.

After having a family, the cycle of the caregiver role would repeat itself. I thought this time it would be me in the driver’s seat and my image of the perfect family would be orchestrated. It was not until my son was six that I realized that I did not possess the parenting skills I needed to help my children grow as their own individuals. I knew I needed therapy; I had become burdened with a fear of failure in my marriage and family. Therefore, I was led to begin my training as a Core Energetics Practitioner.

I had begun a whole new life and re-emerged myself as a student. During my four years training to complete my certification as a Core Energetics Practitioner, I also received my certification as a Personal Support Worker. The combination of the two diplomacies, were instrumental in analyzing myself and achieving my own self-realization.

In Core Energetics, to recognize your Higher Self is a big goal. It takes a lot of personal growth to understand this statement. Personally I did not own my truth about my Higher Self, and I struggled all my life to be something that did not come natural to me. But now, I have embraced my role as a caregiver and a nurturer. I want for my clients to feel cared for.

Presently, my therapeutic journey has shown me the way to recover my integrity and has given me the courage to follow my chosen path. My role as a caregiver has become my role as a therapist. I have undergone a full analysis, and I can say that I am an effective guide in analytic therapy.

The good and the bad are all a part of the journey we are on to find our purpose, each day is one day further on our path. With the help of Core Energetics I work very hard to overcome my limitations in self-awareness and self-expression. This is an ambitious goal for any therapeutic undertaking and it is one that I plan to help the people for whom life is a struggle to survive and joy is a rare experience to achieve.