Individual sessions are all about you, your needs and what you want from the session. Our initial session is an introduction to establish our relationship and your transference, a psychotherapy term referring to your feelings towards the therapist. It is important for you to feel safe and be able to put trust in this process. I am here to guide and support you on your journey.

My initial work is to look at your body and see where you have energy present and where you do not. This observation is with the sincerest intention. It allows me to take a moment and sense you as a somatic being, recognizing the living, self-sensing, internalized whole person you are. By looking at your body it helps me to evaluate which part of your body would be a good starting point to move your energy or as we say in Core Energetics, “charge”.

Each session will be divided into thoughtful and physical components. Once you are ready to work with your energy, we start the session by attuning; bringing our focus back to the room and the reason for our union. Individually, we will set an intention by making a connection with divine intelligence and ask for what we want to get from this session.

The body holds your source of energy, it’s all about how much energy you have at that moment, if your energy is undercharged or overcharged. This will be the deciding factor on what bodily movements will put pressure on the muscles that are preventing the body’s flow of energy. The healthy flowing energy body feels good, confident and aware of what needs to be expressed without judgement, fear, abandonment, rejection and all the emotions that stopped you from expressing your feelings.

There are many Core Energetic techniques, I will mention only a few techniques used. Every session depends on the needs of the client.

    • Hitting a foam cube; with a tennis racket, your hands, kicking with your feet, bumping with your hips or pelvis.
    • Exercising one leg at a time; stomping, or squatting.
    • Natural breathing and vocal expressions; releasing your vocalized energy.

Once the body is charged the goal is to help the client get in touch with their feelings. The energy built up in your body needs to flow or in Core Energetics we call, discharged. We will work to contain and control the release of energy in your body, rather than our natural tendency to shake it off. There are Core Energetic techniques used to discharge, some we may try include:

    • standing with your knees slightly bent and chess open,
    • bending over with a stretch behind the knees,
    • laying down with your legs in the air.

Our goal is to move your charged energy towards your heart which will help you embrace the experience of giving to yourself and the openness to feel without judgement and fear. When your energy is flowing it is a catalyst to release unconscious feelings and bringing these feelings to consciousness.

After you finish one piece of work you may find there is still more work to be done around the feelings that are presented. Core Energetics works in a cycle returning from thought to physical again. Continuing to charge and discharge your energy allows you to feel the issues that will help to resolve character attitudes that are frozen in the structure of your body and personality.

After the physical component there is a big shift in the energy, the energy that was held in the block is free. There is a new awakening in you, you found a piece of yourself. It’s for you to embrace what your body brought forth. You will have time to express what you are feeling. This is usually a vulnerable moment having opened your heart and mind during the session. To be with you and experience your journey allows for a spiritual oneness between us. That gives you the freedom to be yourself, to take in all that you revealed and express what you have discovered.

The session closes with relaxation, massage and words of encouragement and love until our next visit.